PC and Laptop Repairs, cheap prices for Crawley, Horley, Horsham, East Grinstead and surrounding areas.

Home Service available. No Fix No Fee and no call out charge.

PC RepairsMemory upgrades, system service, System Reset, Data Recovery, Virus Removal, Power Supplies, Hard Drive Replacement, Network Configuration and much more.

LAPTOP REPAIRS, Screen, LCD Replacement, Memory Upgrade, Replacement Plastics, Network Configuration, Keyboard repairs, Hard drive Replacement and Virus removal are just a few examples.

Welcome to Gatwick Computers

We are a company that is changing the way you, the customer will resolve all those annoying PC/Laptop problems and equipment needs.

Gatwick Computers offer everything from:

A simple equipment service which includes a clean up of the interior, dust removal (see below!!), checking for pending parts failures, virus checks and advice on the positioning of your computer equipment in order to achieve the best performance.

Up to and including the design, procurement and installation of your small business needs.

When your Computer develops a fault!

Firstly the big question - "What am I going to do?". You may ask friends, search the internet or other media. When you contact PC repair companies they generally say, "Yes fine, bring it in we will have a look". You undo cables, transport it to the repair centre and you have to wait. Then its back to pick it up and bring it home. (Then to connect it all back up?)

We aim to do things differently. We will come to you! Give us a call and we will arrive (Pre booked, on-time and with identification), Inspect the equipment and after advice and discussion, offer you the best solution balancing both cost effectiveness and your processing needs. You will receive a free, no obligation quote valid for 14 days. (This is due to varying costs and volatility of the market)

"I want something more up to date"

Again, we will come to you. Look at the present setup and discuss what you will be your main uses and your budget restraints then we will advise the best way forward for you. It doesn't always mean spending all of your hard earned money on a new PC when you may have what you need in order to upgrade.

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